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We are leading manufacturer of defense electronic subsystems. The company was established in the year 1999.The corporate office and manufacturing plants are located in Bangalore. The Company has built its reputation over decades as a trusted partner for OEMs, user agencies and operators in the defense sectors for customized solutions.

We have experience backed by all requisite accreditations as a Design Organization and offers top quality electronic and electromechanical products and value added services guaranteed for reliable performance, especially in rugged and highly challenging environments.

These include ground support products, test & measurement equipment & solutions as well as cable harness assemblies, integration, installation and product lifetime support.
At the core of our business mission is the desire to provide a service that can be structured to your individual requirements. We have built up strong relationships with our customers and today these customers still appreciate our commitment and skills in providing wiring harnesses that continue to exceed customer expectation. We would like to mention that we have indigenously developed the components of Servo-amplifier and modulator in coordination with Military Radar SBU for Transmitter Unit of Flycatcher radar .We Design & manufacture Test Jigs for in-house systems and supply custom made. We have manufacturing unit with separate facility for cable harnessing.
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Traab Engg, India Pvt. Ltd
Tank Communication Accessories
L-70 Gun Amplifier Modules :
( RPCA ) RPCA 1000 091 003 41
1 100009100147 Power Unit
2 100009100923 Detector stage
3 100009101020 modulator stage
4 100009101117 Switching Stage
5 100009101214 Driving Stage
6 100009101311 Output Stage
7 100009101408 Pre Stage
8 100009101505 Stabilising Network
9 100009101602 Oscillator
( LPCA ) LPCA 1000 091 002 44


Remote Power Control Amplifier is to amplify and convert incoming misalignment Signals. So the force motor of the variable speed gear obtains a pilot signal which Permits and stable control of the gun. RPCA contains nine modules, Pre-stage, Detector-stage,Stabilizing network, Modulator stage, Switching stage, Oscillator stage, Driving stage, Output stage and Power unit.
All the modules for controlling Azimuth or Elevation direction of the gun.
Output of the RPCA is connected to Pilot magnet.


Pre stage is part of Remote power control amplifier subsystem. The function of a pre stage receives a low error signals from radar and amplify the signal. Basically Amplifier and connected feedback connection, also that maintain regulated output.
This module connected to detector stage.


Detector stage is part of RPCA. It mainly consists of two rectifiers which operate as Fine and coarse channel respectively. A Detector is a linear device whose output represents the phase difference between three oscillating inputs signals. It has three inputs and one output for coarse channel, two inputs and one output for fine channel.
This module connected to stabilizing network.


Stabilizing network is part of RPCA subsystem. The function of a stabilizing network is to provide stable, normalized impedance on the line. This unit is important as the line impedance through feedback circuit. The impedance of the source and impedance of the unit testing effectively operate as a voltage divider.
This module connected to modulator stage.


Modulator stage is part of RPCA sub system.IT mainly consists of two balanced rectifiers circuits which operate as fine and coarse channel respectively, stabilizing network output is fed to this module. The output of modulator stage is connected to switching stage.


Switching stage is part of RPCA sub system. It mainly consists of three parts pre amplifier, switching transistor and a diode over switch. The stage is fed with the coarse misalignment signal and with signal from the Modulator of the fine and coarse channels respectively. The module switches between fine signal and coarse signal.
The output of switching stage is connected to Driving stage.


Driving stage is part of RPCA sub system. Driving stage is a circuit that is used for amplifying a signal. The input signal to an amplifier will be a current and the output will be an amplified version of the input signal. An amplifier circuit which is purely based on a transistor. This stage is common emitter RC coupled amplifier and elementary transistor amplifier. This stage is pre-amplification to make weak signals to strong enough for further amplification. This module connected to output stage.


Oscillator stage is part of RPCA sub system. This is a type of feedback oscillator, they consist of an amplifying device with some if its output energy fed back into its input through a network of resistor and capacitor. This is to achieve positive feedback causing it to generate oscillating sigh wave and frequencies.
This module output connected to stabilizing network.


Output stage is part of RPCA sub system. The input stage is a dual input balanced output differential amplifier. This stage provides most of op amp is another differential amplifier which is driven by the output of the first stage.
This stage controlling to pilot magnet of system.


Power unit is part of RPCA sub system. A power unit is an electrical device that supplies electric power to an electrical load. The primary function of a power unit is to convert electric voltage from a source to the correct voltage, current and frequency to power the load. Power unit have single input and multiple outputs,total thirteen outputs, some are AC outputs and DC outputs. This unit supplies to Mall the modules of RPCA.


Local power control amplifier is to amplify and convert incoming misalignment signals from manual. So the force motor of the variable gear obtains a pilot signal which permits and stable control of the gun. LPCA works at 230V AC/50HZ.
LPCA contains five modules, power unit, driving stage2nos and output stage2nos.
LPCA one unit only is controlling Azimuth and Elevation direction of the GUN.


Servo amplifier is part of flycatcher radar subsystem. A servo amplifier receives a command signal from a control system, amplifier the signal and transmits electric to a servo motor in order to produce motion proportional to the command signal.


Servo modulator is part of flycatcher radar subsystem. The servo modulator converts a DC error signal into an AC error signal. The modulator uses two inputs to produce the AC error signal .One input is the DC error signal the other input is an AC reference voltage some other source such as the swap AC supply system.
The AC output error signal must contain the some control information that is contained in the original DC error signal.


Current transformer is part of AKASH sub system. The current transformer(CT) is a type of transformer that is used to measure alternating current(AC). It produces a current in its secondary which is proportional to the current in its primary. Current transformer along with voltage or potential transformer.


Transformer is part of flycatcher radar subsystem. The transformer response for to the flat top portion of the voltage pulse can be determined using frequency circuit. The output voltage seems to have downward tilt or drop off during pulse duration time.

Out put Stage 1000 091 006 32
Driving Stage 1000 091 005 35
Power unit 1000 091 007 29
Turret Collector Ring Box (TCRB) For T72 Tank
Servo Amp
Breast Lead Switches, Throat Mics, Earphones
Plessey Painton Connectors
These are known as Plessey Painton connectors.This type is an 18 way female (designed primarily for chassis mount), with a strong 4 hole mounting plate. Six of the connections are at a 90 degree angle to the other twelve, thus avoiding an incorrect connection.Superb vintage miltary specification heavy duty connectors, the contact is provided by a heavily silver plated plug blade contact engaging with a heavily silver plated socket clip contact. Rated as high as 1000V working, and upto 10A 250V per contact.
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Test Data
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